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Detailing Services

SteamWorks Mobile Detailing is here to save you time and money with routine car washes at your home or office. We also provide meticulous detailing for vehicles of all kinds. If you drive your vehicle daily, detailing can remove the layers of dust and debris caused by frequent commutes. Maybe you have a special event coming up and you need your car to look its best. When you want the look of a new car without the price tag, we can make it happen – and we even come to you for maximum convenience!
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What we do

SteamWorks is a complete mobile detailing company. We use the finest products and the most effective techniques to make your vehicle look spectacular, inside and out. We start with a thorough hand wash of your vehicle’s exterior. Then we move on to the details like the wheels, glass, undercarriage and interior. It’s a professional deep cleaning by talented experts who love what they do. We come to your home or office so that you don’t have to take time out of your day.

Our Detailing Services

Here´s how it works: you call us to schedule your service, or use our convenient online form. Then we travel to you and detail your vehicle right where you are. We come to your house, apartment building, office, or high rise. It’s just one of the many ways we go the extra mile in the name of outstanding customer service.


Auto Detailing

SteamWorks is dedicated to providing property managers, fleet and dealerships, and other people like you who want to drive the cleanest cars and trucks on the road with our premium auto detailing services that create the most optimal results using zero-waste water.

Aircraft Detailing

SteamWorks knows that when it comes to aircraft detailing in Dallas-Fort Worth, you have plenty of options. We also understand that detailing an aircraft properly is an absolutely vital form of maintenance—which means it’s vital to hire a professional, experienced cleaning crew.

RV Detailing

RVs spend a lot of time on the road, and carry a lot of people inside. After so much time and miles travelled, the dirt and grime builds up and becomes damaging to your vehicle. Some may believe a dirty RV is harmless, but built up grime severely impacts both the interior and exterior of the car—and your health.

Our vehicle detailing services include:

  • Hand Wash
  • Interior and Exterior Steam Cleaning
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Full Polymer Waxing
  • Sealant Gloss Coating
  • Steam Disinfection of Ventilation Ducts
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Glass Cleaned Inside and Out
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tires Dressed
  • Undercarriage Washed
  • Interior Dusted with Compressed Air
  • Mats Shampooed and Cleaned
  • Vinyl Cleaned and Treated
  • Air Freshener of Your Choosing

Add-On Services

  • Head Light Restoration $60
  • Odor Removal $75
  • Carnauba Wax SM ($20) LG($30)
  • Fabric Sealant SM ($40) LG ($50)
  • Leather Treatment SM ($10) LG ($20)
  • Rain-X ($5)

Ceramic Clear Coat

For advanced paint protection for your new or high-end vehicle, this coating provides next level sealant technology. A surface that has been sealed with ceramic coating repels both dirt and water. Your car’s finish will hold up against acidic rain and bird droppings, and its UV resistance will preserve your car’s original color and paintwork.

A ceramic clear coat can save you money on car washing and detailing because most contaminants won’t stick to the surface. Contact us for more information about ceramic clear coat application. We offer the best paint protection at a great price.

What Sets Us Apart

We are an eco-friendly mobile detailing company that uses an innovative steam clean technology to detail both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The steam cleans, deodorizes, kills allergens, and sanitizes your vehicle as well. It also conserves a large amount of water. Most car wash services use up to 50 gallons of water for one car, while SteamWorks uses only one gallon. Our service is efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Call SteamWorks Mobile Detailing Today

Your vehicle says a lot about you. Make sure yours is saying good things by putting SteamWorks Mobile Detailing on the job! We do all of our detailing by hand, so you never have to worry about power brushes scratching up your paint. The best part is, we show up at your door! No more taking time away from your busy work or home life. We take care of your car so you can focus on other things that need your attention.

SteamWorks Mobile Detailing proudly serves Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, and all the surrounding areas. We are a veteran-owned business who takes pride in our reputation and our eco-friendly practices. When you need exceptional service, call the company that brings excellence to your door. SteamWorks Mobile Detailing is here whenever and wherever you need us!

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About Us

SteamWorks Mobile Auto Detailing is here to save you time and money with routine car washes at your home or office. Our service is tailored to those who have discerning taste for meticulous Auto Detailing.

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