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Exterior Trim Restoration

SteamWorks provides professional mobile detailing services across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
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Steamworks Exterior Trim Restoration

The exterior appearance of your vehicle leaves the first impression on people that drive or walk past it. How well you take care of the outside appearance is very telling of how much effort the owner puts into maintaining their investment. SteamWorks is dedicated to providing the highest quality detailing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We offer unmatched exterior trim restoration and maintenance at an affordable rate. From headlights to wheel wells, our team has you covered. 

What Is Exterior Car Trim?

An exterior car trim includes your window/door seals, wheel wells, headlights, and bumpers. The trim mostly consists of plastic. However, rubber and vinyl appear in some parts too. Manufacturers use these to add flexibility to the car design, increase functionality, and add aesthetics. 

What Damages Your Exterior Car Trim?

As an owner of a vehicle, you may be wondering what causes the degradation or premature aging of the trim. Degradation breaks down plastics resulting in the loss of strength, discoloration, decreased flexibility, cracking, and more. 

Do you know what makes your car age faster? Direct sunlight. When you have your car outside getting hit by the UV rays, you will notice that the trim will begin to age. Keep your car under covered parking or in a garage when possible. This will slow down its aging.

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How to Maintain Exterior Trim and Restore It

The most efficient and cost-effective way to maintain and restore your vehicle’s exterior trim is to get in touch with SteamWorks. We will come directly to you to perform our extensive detailing services. Here are some of the things we can do to maintain and restore the exterior trim of your vehicle.

Undress It

We will clean off the outside of your vehicle to remove any leftover polishes from past soaps and waxes. Although you may not be able to see the old residue, it’s there, and removing it is the first step in restoring the trim and maintaining it.

Some residue is pretty obvious. It leaves a chalky appearance if the soap, waxes, etc. dry before they are wiped off.

Masking the Trim

When SteamWorks polishes your car’s paint, we will mask the trim/molding with masking tape to ensure that no polish touches the exterior trim and fades it.

Deep Clean

We use products that are specifically designed for plastic. These products dissolve any lingering sealants remaining on your car. And there’s no need to worry about fading with our products!


If your trim has suffered some damage, our experts at SteamWorks have you covered. We use the best products in the industry to restore the trim. Not only do our products restore the plastic, but they also protect it from future UV rays.

Mobile Detailing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

SteamWorks will travel anywhere in the DFW area and revamp your ride with our interior and exterior cleaning services. This allows you to skip the car wash and come out to a sparkling ride after a long day at work. Our team is focused on environmentally friendly auto detailing. Steam is one of our main products and offers many cleaning solutions. 

SteamWorks Is Here to Restore Your Exterior Trim! 

Our exterior trim restoration services keep your vehicle looking shiny and new. No matter the color of the trim, black or plastic of any color, we have the products and skills to get rid of dull patches. We always offer 100% satisfaction and we strive for nothing less than that. If your vehicle needs scratch removal, interior rejuvenation, odor removal, or any other vehicle detailing service, we have you covered. Just give us a call and we will be on our way!

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SteamWorks Mobile Auto Detailing is here to save you time and money with routine car washes at your home or office. Our service is tailored to those who have discerning taste for meticulous Auto Detailing.

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