Fabric Sealant

Fabric Sealant

The use of a good fabric sealant can keep your vehicle’s carpets and upholstery looking great between detailing sessions. At SteamWorks Mobile Detailing, we only use top-of-the-line products to seal your fabric seats and protect them against stains. We never cut corners or use inferior products in the name of saving a dollar. When we’re finished detailing your car, it will look like it just rolled off of the showroom floor!

We come to you for unparalleled convenience. Our crew will travel anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to bring our professional detailing service right to your doorstep. Our clients enjoy having their vehicles detailed while they relax at home or catch up on work at their office. We will travel to your house, apartment, or commercial property to take care of your vehicle while you take care of business.

Fabric vehicle upholstery poses some unique cleaning challenges, but it is also one of the most affordable and longest-lasting materials when properly maintained. It doesn’t require a special conditioning treatment like leather or vinyl, but fabric sealant should always be the finishing touch in your fabric upholstery cleaning routine.

The Benefits of Fabric Sealant

There are many reasons to use fabric sealant and no reasons to avoid it. You might have heard rumors that using fabric sealant on carpet makes the carpet more susceptible to dirt build-up and staining, but this is a myth. Both carpet and fabric benefit greatly from the application of fabric sealant, also called a fabric guard.

First, fabric sealant creates a hydrophobic barrier on your upholstery. This helps the fabric’s surface repel wetness and moisture, protecting it from liquid spills by keeping them from soaking into the fabric. Without a sealant, a spilled drink would immediately begin to saturate fabric seat covers. With a protective fabric guard in place, the spilled liquid pools on the surface, giving you more time to soak it up with cloths and less mess to deal with later.

Fabric sealants also buy you time. If you’re unable to deal with a stain right away, a good sealant can give you a day or two to address it before it becomes tougher to remove. Unprotected fabric upholstery will stain very quickly.

You may be wondering if your car’s dark interior really needs fabric sealant. Yes, it does! While dark fabrics might not show certain stains as readily as lighter fabrics, dark fabrics do show light-colored and vividly colored stains very well. Even black carpet and fabric need protection to keep them stain-free.

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Our Fabric Cleaning and Sealant Services

Our interior fabric cleaning and sealant services include:

  • Thorough Vacuuming of All Surfaces
  • Deep Steam Cleaning of All Surfaces
  • Stains and Spills Removed
  • All Surfaces Disinfected and Sanitized
  • Odors Eliminated
  • Fabric Sealant Applied

We start our interior detailing by vacuuming every surface and crevice in your car. We use steam cleaning so that we can get in deep and remove stains, spills, odors and germs from your vehicle’s interior. The high temperatures and adjustable steam settings ensure that we get the best possible cleaning results without harming your fabric.

Then we dry your seats by extracting the hot water left behind from the steaming. If needed, we will also use towels and blow-dryers to get your seats perfectly dry.

Finally, we spray your seats with a leading brand of color-safe fabric sealant. The treated fabric will now be more resistant to stains and will repel moisture. We apply sealant to your headliner, carpeted floor mats, cloth upholstery, seat belts, convertible tops, and any porous surface in your car’s interior.

How to Handle Spills on the Road

Someday the inevitable will happen, and some brightly-colored beverage or mustard-topped snack food will topple onto your car’s upholstery. Don’t panic! Blot the spill as much as possible. Don’t rub it because that could work more of the stain into your fabric. Get your seats shampooed and sealed as quickly as you can to prevent permanent discoloration.

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If you have cloth or fabric seats and carpeted floor mats, keep them looking their best with a quality fabric sealant treatment. SteamWorks Mobile Detailing will get your vehicle looking fantastic, inside and out! Call us whenever you want meticulous detailing at your doorstep. We serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Arlington, and all the areas around the DFW Metroplex.