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Property Managers Get Auto & Fleet Detailing at Your Location

As the owner or manager of a property, keeping tenants happy can be a challenging proposition, especially during the blistering hot days of a Texas summer. When the temperatures rise outside, fewer and fewer people are interested in taking the time to properly clean their vehicles, and this can have a direct impact on company morale, staff attitudes, and tenant perception.

By making arrangements with Steamworks Mobile, property managers across the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX area can take advantage of a mess-free, low-cost solution for improving the image of their property. From client-management relations and employee morale to enhanced perceptions of customer service, our team can provide fully customized car detailing services as a convenience for your location.

Drive a Freshly Cleaned Car Straight Out of the Lot

By partnering with our team, you and others who regularly use your parking areas can take advantage of a catered cleaning service that leaves little to no mess on the property thanks to eco-friendly cleaning methods.

Some of the benefits of our service include:

  • No need for onsite water or hoses that could impact utility costs.
  • No messes or water runoff that could affect the image of your property.
  • No added workload for you or your staff.

As a third-party service, our team will interact directly with clients to handle all billing-related concerns. This means that there will be no need for you or your team to assume additional responsibilities. The detailing and cleaning services we offer are handled by highly skilled, professional technicians who will always be discreet when interacting with tenant vehicles.

Better still, the cleaning methods we use require very little water so there won’t be any messy pools or streams flooding your parking area or threatening to increase your overall cost for utilities over time.

How it Works

Steamworks Mobile can work with property managers in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX, area to set up a routine car wash and detailing service in their parking area. In addition to the time and money saved by handling this process ourselves, it can be a great way to improve the morale of employees, and overall image for your tenants and other customers.

Once your tenants or other individuals who regularly use the property have had a chance to enroll, our team will establish a convenient routine schedule. At the scheduled times, we will arrive on-site and provide our services to your tenants/employees/customers.

Getting the ball rolling is as easy as having a member of your management team contact us. After getting some more information about your property, we can work out the details of offering our professional, high-quality car wash/auto detailing services.

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Why Should You Enroll?

When an offer sounds too good to be true, there is usually a catch, but the good news is that there really isn’t one. The only requirement is to establish a per visit minimum with your community or organization by encouraging them to participate in our routine cleaning service on your property.

By saving you and your employees/tenants the time and effort of taking a vehicle to be cleaned, we can help you make a great positive impact on the perception of your property. Because our equipment is entirely self-contained, we don’t need to drain your property’s resources to get our work done.

Because the work we provide is handled while your employees/tenants are already parked on your property, they can have more free time to focus on other important matters. This means that when they drive away later in the day, their mood and perception of your property will already greatly improved thanks to the comfort of having a clean vehicle.

The technicians on our team are all skilled professionals with years of experience. By handling each vehicle in an efficient, discreet manner, you and your employees/tenants can feel confident knowing that their vehicles are being cleaned without the concern that comes with having a stranger interact with something as valuable as a personal vehicle.

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SteamWorks Mobile Auto Detailing is here to save you time and money with routine car washes at your home or office. Our service is tailored to those who have discerning taste for meticulous Auto Detailing.

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